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The first step to mastering your life is to see life in all its forms as a blessing, and that you are the greatest blessing of all.Now, Joy is just a breath away.

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Right now, you have the capacity to experience exquisite levels of Joy you never dreamt of. Activate Joy is that book to take us beyond self-help and into self-appreciation. What is shared on the pages of Activate Joy brings you into a world of possibilities and can change you forever — for the better — so much so that every day of your life becomes exciting and juicy. Activate Joy IS that book to take us beyond limitation.

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Dear AlixSandra, I just loved finding the merging of my loves in your writing. My background is transpersonal psychology so I love sub-personality work and I also love anything to do with the Law of Attraction. Blending the two was just brilliant to me!

The personal stories about your history with Jane Roberts & Seth, along with the touching autobiographical pieces were so effective for me.

The swiss cheese meditation, filling the holes in my energy field with my own light was so powerful. I'm doing that every day in my meditation.

I am still working through all of the exercises in your book. I read it cover to cover and dog-eared the activities (that's always my routine) and then every day I do one activity in my morning journaling. I've been working with the Yabbits this week and today uncovered a HUGE piece in my own evolution. I haven't truly understood why I'm feeling so sensitive and exposed (super PAINFUL) since the publishing of my own book. I assumed it was just the normal cycle of a writer, perhaps my Cancerian astrology (Cancer Sun & Ascending, likes to hide)... but nothing felt quite strong enough to justify these waves of past trauma that keep cycling through since the book became public.

And then I re-read a sentence in your book today, and I quoted you on my business Facebook page, you wrote: "In codependency, you disappear. Your sole reason to live is to make someone else happy so you can be happy. There *is* no you."

And suddenly it all clicked! Having grown up with a severely alcoholic father, it was my adaptation to completely disappear because if he saw me (in one of his drunken states) terrible things would happen. So, exposing myself, stepping out into the world, being "seen" is terrifying because my psyche is telling me great harm could come to me.

With the recognition, I was able to go back and shower light and love on that little girl who was still holding on to this belief. 3 or 4 years old, literally hiding in a closet while her father raged...

Your writing just allowed me to integrate it! You write with an energy that just permeates me.

I've quoted you a couple of times on my FB business page (Coaching To Come Alive) over the past week and today somebody said she bought your book after seeing you on my page and is holding a teleconference on Joy, and will be having the participants buy your book as a great reference. She told me to thank you because she was also highly affected by your writing.

So, in a nutshell, this is what has really touched me.

Much Love, Kristy S.

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