Through Communication and Invocation

Through Communication and Invocation

Communication is an art that first begins with a desire. It is a reaching to connect, to be understood and to understand. Communication is the clarifying agent for intimacy with others on many levels. To experience your self as a communicator brings you the opportunity for expansive comprehension. However, the key to communication is openness, flow, exchange, unconditional acceptance, definition, humility, and allowing.

Invocation, The Asking. 
“Each time there is a fresh vision of a compelling nature it is the result of invocation by the one seeking the new impression.” Alice Bailey and The Tibetan, 1920
Invocation, Unification:
A Declaration of Equality that brings forth from the greater consciousness, the deepest sense of Oneness. “I am joining you without resistance for the experience of upliftment.” 
“We speak in unison with the vibration of Unconditional love, we state the greatest truths as we know them to be.” Through the HEART, invocation finds this frequency.
The more we teach ourselves to be un-conditional with our thoughts we enter the telepathic field of those who are without conditional thinking. Practicing staying in heartful communication daily gradually trains our thoughts and conditions our minds to the higher frequencies. This now invites the interplay of brilliance and genius to show up.
Most people are trained to observe conditions, judge and live according to the rules of the condition being observed. The light body reflects these frequencies by staying close to the body, tight and condensed. In this way we have also trained ourselves to be excuse oriented, not to expect too much so we don’t disappoint. 
When I agree with conditions and make excuses, or fight for any limited condition, I am settling for mediocrity. I am allowing defeat so that… I can feel better about myself???
This is the most important place to discover, uncover and lift into a new understanding! (this is a basic negative self esteem statement that says, ‘Let me devalue myself and others so that I can feel good about myself’).
To be un-conditional is to see beyond the condition as the great ones do, and as your Higher Self Does! To see only your joyous light beaming from your glorious heart; To feel the exhilaration of life flowing through your veins; To hear the sounds of laughter as each note falls upon the strings of an angelic violin, and takes you away in a symphony of JOY; AND THEN… reflecting those frequencies into your world.
(Positive Self Esteem says, ‘I am always striving to see the best in everything. I take full responsibility for my thoughts, my actions and myself)
Practicing these ideas with everyone you meet, deliberately choosing to build and clarify your Light Body by consciously reaching for the Blessing Consciousness…  
We are so close, can’t you taste the freedom, feel the upliftment, hear the cheers? As the blending of your consciousness aligns with the Source of your Being the need to fight for limitations becomes irrelevant. Live to the fullest and let others do the same. Move into your full heart reframing your mindset to align with the UN-CONDITIONAL viewpoint of your Higher Self, Source Of You!!
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