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Activate Joy Chapter-by-Chapter Synopsis

1Chapter One: Being Joyful
AJ paperbackstack To begin, AlixSandra takes us on a journey back to the simple and exquisite pleasures of childhood. The reader reaches back into happy memories to reawaken the innocent joy once known. This chapter is gently written to intentionally set the energy. We are prepared to receive the tools within the book that help to reactivate joy in a deep and powerful way to assist us through the present paradigm shift. With ease and flow, the reader will achieve the intention of being a deliberate creator in this extraordinary world.

2Chapter Two: Finding Your Joy
Many people struggle with finding joy and get stuck, especially when the world seems gloomy. The author guides us in seeing those old hurts and traumas in a new light that helps in realizing our own true worthiness. This book is deliberately focused on fearlessly moving into levels beyond our present understanding to find and help us Activate Joy in every area of our life and become more deliberate in what results from what we are creating. AlixSandra writes about how joy can emerge from uncomfortable feelings. She leads the reader to focus on something that feels like passion so that it gains creative momentum. She also explains what happens when group energy combines with JOY!

3Chapter Three: Joy Lost
One of the greatest challenges to maintaining the frequency of joy is grief and loss. In this chapter, AlixSandra shares her personal struggles in dealing with the loss of her husband, her “joy partner” Lee, and the special things she did to honor his loss and resurrect her joy in the face of seemingly insurmountable grief.

4Chapter Four: Universal Laws
In this exploration of concepts that are present in Activate Joy, AlixSandra highlights two universal laws that she refers to throughout the book:

  1. The Law of Attraction

  2. The Law of Resonance

When understood and applied consciously, these laws will make all the difference in your life experience.

5Chapter Five: Getting to Know Your Yabbits
From childhood we begin to hear the voices of the Yabbits (aka yah-buts). AlixSandra explains, “You already know the Yabbits, they are the doubts and the put-downs that speak to you in your mind. ‘After all’ the Yabbits say, ‘look at all the bad things you’ve done! Don’t have a job yet, I’m not surprised.’ The Yabbits can easily convince you that you’re not as good as you would like to believe you are. They whisper, ‘No one wants to hear what you have to say. Don’t bother with your dream ’cause it won’t come true anyway. Anything you want to say or do has already been done, and much better than you could do it.’ We have the Yabbits about other people. Usually these Yabbits reinforce the idea that others are not really as put together as you. We have our own self-inflicted Yabbits like the doubters and the naysayers.”

In this chapter the reader learns what purpose the Yabbits serve, that they are in essence sub-personalities, how they operate and interfere with deliberate creation, and what to do to tame them.

6Chapter Six: From the Pain of Conformity, to Joy
When we conform, we try and strive to fit into what other people think or say we should be. Most organizations teach conformity and separation, rather than encouraging the uniqueness of our own creative nature, and union with the whole human family. In the conforming process, we sever our connection to joy, and thus our creations become erratic and haphazard. This chapter is about bridging unconscious reactive creation so that we may be a conscious and DELIBERATE CREATOR of the life we really want to live. The reader learns about the “three bridges” that lead away from the codependency of conforming, how to quiet the Yabbits, and create consciously from the perspective of the authentic being.

7Chapter Seven: How Do I Get There? Basking Into Alignment
Basking into Alignment Basking is a power tool that can in an instant transform misery into joy. In this chapter we learn how to use the basking process to shift Yabbits and take ourselves straight into the empowerment of innocent joy so we can stop unintentional creations and move into deliberate creation in all areas of life experience.

8Chapter Eight: The Art of Blessing
AlixSandra explains a natural part of human nature is to bless or to condemn. We also recognize how the art of blessing works with the light body and activates the Law of Attraction. “We bless or condemn, often automatically without really thinking about it. If we like something, we give it our blessing, and if we don’t, we join the chorus of Yabbits to condemn.” Through the resonance of our intentions when we bless or condemn, we reach out to align with the Law of Attraction to bring more of the same to us. “When we bless, we align with the best within us, and in the same way that clock wheels align, that blessing aligns us with the best in others.” AlixSandra illustrates this point by sharing the story of when thieves entered her church to steal from people participating in a study program. The results that occurred after the students began a sincere heartfelt group blessing for the thieves is inspiring and uplifting!

9Chapter Nine: Goodness is Our Birthright
AlixSandra introduces the Goodness Process as a technique that uses soul-awareness alignment to uncover and quickly transform core shadow energies. By consciously connecting to JOY with the positive intention that is present within a negative pattern, we can remind ourselves of our inherent pure goodness. From this vantage point we align with our worthiness, our essence, the Source of who we are, the good stuff. Our ability to maintain the frequency of joy strengthens, as does our awareness of when we are out of alignment.

10Chapter Ten: The Challenge of Being Debt-Free
In this chapter AlixSandra defines debt as: Energetic obligation,emotional burdens, deficit, falling short of the mark. She teaches a fundamental truth that throughout life we will create debt; however the key is that with this knowledge also comes the wisdom and the tools to leave debt behind and live in joyous freedom. This is a pivotal chapter that begins with redemption from the agony created by low self-esteem and to welcoming the “Paradigm Shift” of joy taking place right now; and in doing so, you gain the power to actively direct the experiences coming to you through the Laws of Attraction and Resonance.

11Chapter Eleven: Tuning into the Joy Channel
AlixSandra writes that everyone is a channel for joy. She takes the reader on her own personal journey back to the days when she attended the early group sessions with Jane Roberts who channeled Seth, to her experiences with Bashar, to setting the intention that she be a deliberate channel. She demystifies channeling, writing about it as a naturally occurring experience where anyone can tune into the joyful higher frequencies of soul consciousness, and clarifies how to tell when you are connected.

12Chapter Twelve: Joy Alignment for Deliberate Creators
After a brief review of what the reader has received so far, Alix- Sandra introduces the Joy Activation Ruler as a tool to help identify when you are plugged into a connection that leads to the accidental creation of more of what you don’t want. She highlights a practice of soul-to-soul communication, and describes how to counteract your resistance to joy and move into a place of Knowing.

13Chapter Thirteen: Joy Is You!  You Are the Magnificent Pearl
This chapter begins as AlixSandra writes about the creation of pearls, how they begin and are transformed into jewels. She explains how our Yabbits are just waiting to be blessed, basked in goodness and transformed into jewels of joy. The reader is shown how the art of blessing reduces and/or relieves the emotional charge around an experience and offers an opportunity to expand beyond the “it” to a new vantage point where we feel relief. From relief we continue on to appreciate Self, and cherish the outcome we would really like to see happen. In that exact moment when the resolve has already occurred, the precious jewel of a new reality is created.

14Chapter Fourteen: Into the Heart and Power of Joy
In this concluding chapter, the reader receives a final key on how to experience joy and peace in the midst of conflict, and no matter the circumstances, to consistently make choices that birth more joy.

Activate Joy LogoSumming up the life that she has been privileged to live and her true-to-life experiences as she learned to Re-Activate Joy, AlixSandra gives us her understanding of the new world we are all in the process of creating. Joy Activated is the power behind the paradigm shift we are witnessing in the world. Unconditional Love is the key to this activation.

Activate Joy © 2011-2012 AlixSandra Parness

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