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Right now, you have the capacity to experience exquisite levels of Joy you never dreamt of. Activate Joy is that book to take us beyond self-help and into self-appreciation.

What is shared on the pages of Activate Joy brings you into a world of possibilities and can change you forever, for the better, so much so that every day of your life becomes exciting and juicy. Activate Joy IS that book to take us beyond limitation.

In her book, Dr. AlixSandra Parness takes us on a journey back to the simple and exquisite pleasures that come from joy. Gently written, Activate Joy assists us in intentionally resetting our hearts to align with our dreams in all aspects of life. With ease and flow, you will become a deliberate creator in this extraordinary world.

This book took a lifetime to write as AlixSandra integrates ALL that she has learned during her many years as a practicing minister, healer and teacher. She can help you see beyond the haze that results from energetic debt and into practical insights for deliberately building your new, prosperous and joyous reality. AlixSandra leads you with her fresh and original ideas; this wisdom resets your heart-focus and carries you up the ascending spiral of joy!

In Activate Joy, AlixSandra delivers in her bright and cheery style, a powerful and fun series of practical methods designed to make our journey to joy EASY. Even though many people struggle with finding joy and get stuck, especially when the world seems gloomy, hope points the way to joy. AlixSandra guides us in seeing those old hurts and traumas in a new light that helps in realizing our own true worthiness. This book is deliberately focused on fearlessly moving into levels beyond our present understanding to find and help us Activate Joy in every area of our life. AlixSandra writes about how joy can emerge from uncomfortable feelings. She leads you to focus on something which elicits feelings of passion, bringing forth creative momentum. She also explains what happens when group energy combines with JOY! From the Universal Laws of Attraction and Resonance, to taming our Yabbits (the pesky voices in our minds), into the arts/processes of basking, blessings, and goodness, you will receive a series of practical applications that assist in deliberately activating joy into your life.

You have the capacity to experience exquisite levels of joy. Don’t wait a single moment longer to read Activate Joy.

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“Dr. AlixSandra Parness takes the universal laws and principles to a deeper level than most have been able to do. I love how she shows how we can find joy everywhere we look and mostly we just need to look inside of us. She helped me to uncover and re-activate the joy within me that I had buried deep inside me.” ~Mitzi Reed




Dr. AlixSandra Parness
Dr. AlixSandra Parness, Healer, Teacher, and Joy Activator







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