The Blessing Heart

Re-Entry: Coming Out Of The Fog and into the realization of our own Empowered Freedom to live every moment of our life Un-Conditionally.

The Care and Feeding Of

Re-Entry: Coming Out Of The Fog and into the realization of our own Empowered Freedom to live every moment of our life Un-Conditionally.

After a sweet and wonderful vacation, and then a healing for my heart, I am back into the flow in a new and wonderful way.

We all face challenges and resistance to moving on because the fog is womb-like and comfortable, or so it seems. The beautiful grey mist of the fog can become tiresome after a while, and we yearn for the sunshine, and the warmth it brings.

I have my book, Activate Joy, Live Your Life Beyond Limitation in the kindle version on my iPad. I love to read different parts of the book from time to time from my new vantage point. This week it is the Basking and Blessing chapters I am focusing on the most. I am the first to admit that it takes a lot of practice for this line of thinking to become expected and natural so we need to understand the Power of Blessing.

The Power of Blessing Brings You into Alignment
with the Highest Heart Frequency of Joy.

Appreciation Awakens the Blessing Heart.
Appreciating Everyone and Everything in your Experience, no matter what! Appreciation is Happiness.

Blessing Allows the Expansion of Who You Are,
and Who You Are Becoming Without Resistance
Unconditional Self Love.

Blessing Aligns You with the Source of Your Being,
Squarely Placing You in the Vortex of All Things Possible.

Blessing Recognizes Only Your Goodness, and also the Goodness of Life Itself.

As you practice the Blessing steps consistently, you realize that a condemning heart is a heart that is disconnected and has acclimated to the conditional frequencies of deficiency and limitation. With that realization one must now reach for the freedom of Unconditional Love that can only be found in a Blessing Heart. 

Shifting this takes desire and a willingness to be happy, to stop arguing for your limitations and the conditions that got you there. The only road I have found to work well is to bless everything, even the hard things.

So lets take a look at how we care for and feed our newly birthed Blessing Heart.

You See!: it was there all along, just waiting to be seen, felt and heard. Now that you do, use any or all of these statements to help you hold the frequency of the Blessing Heart.

I Am Standing In My Heart of Unconditional Love

I Close My Eyes and See Only Love

My Thoughts Soar Beyond ‘conditions, Beyond fear

JOY is the Vibrational Atmosphere of my Heart

My Electronic Circuit Board is Wired for Well-Being

I Create My Own Reality and I Know My Reality is Consistently Blessed

I Am Connected, I Am In The Flow of Well-Being

My Blessing Heart Knows Only Joy and Happiness

It is Easy For Me To Bless Any and All conditions Because conditions Have Become Irrelevant to My Blessing Heart

The Voice that Rings in my Heart Sings only Love Songs

There Abides Deep Appreciation For Life and All That Life Causes Us To Be

My Heart Is Full and Blessings Spill Out All Over My world

Blessings Help Me Surrender to JOY as I Live The Blessing Consciousness of Unconditional Love

Any and All Conditions are Irrelevant!

My Blessing Heart is the Fertilizer for Abundance and Prosperity

Un-Conditional Means Living and Sharing Your Blessing Heart

You Are Blessed, The World Is Blessed, And All Is Well!

My Love,