Surrendering Scarcity Consciousness

Surrendering Scarcity Consciousness
With Dr. AlixSandra Parness, DD. 

My New Activate Joy Bootcamp is designed to serve you, the uplifters,
the leaders, and professional wellness practitioners.
I want you to invest in yourself to achieve True Freedom and the
financial success that comes with it.

Let me show you how.



It is time to deeply embody the principles we have struggled to achieve. New opportunities to access Joy on every level of our being, including money, are right here right now. How do we bring this opportunity about?

We Surrender Our Sacred Spiritual Scarcity Consciousness and Reset Our Life Path to Align With Unlimited Wealth and Prosperity. 

Why a Bootcamp? Because a Bootcamp
is fast intense training designed to achieve a new mindset. 

We ARE Wealthy Beyond Measure!
Can you value yourself, soar beyond resistance and claim your Wealth?
Are you sacrificing your value and worth for your sacred path? 

I for one am reframing my life to fit my own revolutionary
vision and so can you!

Through the Activate Joy Bootcamp It is My Mission to Bring my expertise  to help you reframe your thoughts and enliven your heart for more abundance and joy. I have discovered a secret to claim freedom from the limiting world of scarcity, and I want to give that knowledge to you in a way that is fast, fun and fantastic!

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As a minister, healer and master teacher, I am an expert in seeing through the veils of illusion. I am also an expert at reframing old ideas and belief systems to bring forth greater clarity, sparking the Joy Star of Creative Genius to flower within you. I have spent my lifetime developing new methods and techniques to understand and EMBODY my own value. This expanding viewpoint has been my leading edge beacon of light to bring me home to myself. I have discovered my JOY STAR, and now I want to share that wisdom with you! 

  • You will discover the few simple secrets of activating the wealth of joy in this new paradigm.  
  • You will realize the value of the consistent practice of your newly awakened joy consciousness.
  • You will construct a new blueprint of Abundance as you allow scarcity to “be no more”!
  • Now, you can have Your World Your Way.

Through the power of Joy you grow your skills. JOY expands your own expertise to become a more powerful point of attraction showing others how to ascend with their Joy as well. 

I love to use the analogy of a slingshot as it pertains to personal growth, and so here is our logo for AJB.
AJB-sling-shot-LogoAs a society we have become “Masters Of Limitation.” In order to move into mastery of your personal freedom, recognize the areas in your life where you have tightened the reins, held back and held back, clinching to your sling of beliefs that hold you in place. Now, imagine being set free, imagine how far you can fly, unfettered and limitless with MY WORLD MY WAY. 

Century after century only a very few have discovered the mechanism of releasing the taught ties of tired and torturous constraints others have imposed upon them, and in so doing have become the Joy Star in their own lives. They have catapulted themselves into the higher consciousness of Joy, unconstrained, unfettered, living a life of freedom beyond measure. The time is here for you and I to do this and right now!

This is the JOY time for us all, but this new paradigm requires a deep level of commitment and SUR-RENDER!   

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Here are a few AJBootcamp questions you have to ask yourself while using the vision of our slingshot – just imagine how far you would go if you were able to ascend beyond your self-imposed limitations. That’s right, there is no one to limit you but you! 

1.     Where Am I A Slave to My Belief Systems?
2.     What Do I Hold So Sacred I Won’t Surrender It?
3.     How Do I Sacrifice Myself For Others?
4.     When Do I Tend To Stagnate, Unwilling To Move? 


FREEDOM!! Freedom is the Power Behind Surrender. We can reframe this idea of surrender into rendering forth, causing a new reality for yourself, achieving a joyous result, surprising yourself with your creative talents, finding relief from the burden of condemning yourself and others. As you transform into your new consciousness you contribute your wisdom into your world for yourself and others, from a new and fresh awareness. Your heart is set free, enlivened to allow more abundance and joy. 

This is our time to practice freedom from limitations. We have been shown the myriad of ways to get there, we know that there is untold wealth and success within our reach; we have but to follow that star that twinkles just for you, a brilliant light guiding you along your path to your own personal promised land of prosperity. 


I have created a new and potently powerful program for you to Activate Joy and bring yourself into alignment with unlimited wealth in your everyday life.  In six wonderful, empowering, hot off the griddle, brand new classes you can take from the comfort of your own home, you can raise your financial set-point and launch a new success consciousness that will attract the money you deserve and not repel it. 

I am speaking to caregivers in all professions. You who are the uplifters, you who diligently cleared the wounds of your inner child, healed your body, risen above petty fears and discriminations, to those of you who have invested time and money to achieve your consciousness. I am speaking to those of you who deserve a greater financial return for your heart-felt services. 

Releasing Spiritual Scarcity in my world and saying YES to financial wealth is imperative. I am using my new book Activate Joy as a springboard for the AJBootcamp. The next book, MY WORLD MY WAY is almost complete.  I thought this would be an excellent time to share some of these fantastic new teachings about the Joy of Wealth and as a bonus, show you how each chakra holds a secret code to unlocking your wealth consciousness within you. 

I would love for you to be a part of this powerful new experience with me. Using a new format I am asking those of you who are ready for a new level of financial freedom and unlimited wealth to set up a phone appointment with me to see how the AJBootcamp will be a fit for you. 

Email me HERE, let me know a good time for you and I will confirm with a phone number and exact time. Keep watch on as I will be posting tidbits from time to time.

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