Are you searching for your Life’s purpose?
Do you find your purpose shifting and changing?

Do you recognize a thread of thoughts that constantly emerge, even through the changing scenes of your life?
“What is my life’s purpose?” is one of the most perplexing questions asked. People have a certain idea of what this statement really means, and have often set very high goals around that subject.
In my different circles of friends and students as we discuss things, the subject of “purpose” always comes up. It seemed as if the search for our life’s purpose was like looking for the Holy Grail. Everyone has a different idea about it, but I have to say it is always adventuresome and fun to explore.
We listened to different teachers who always had a path for us to follow, and some who encouraged us to find our own way.
Recently I have had great clarity on the subject of ‘purpose’ and I thought I might share it for you to consider for yourself:
After having developed and taught my Inner Focus Healing School for over 20 years, I truly believed my purpose, as I understood it was being realized. Healing The Heart of Humanity – Dedicating my life to helping others find their true self. And it didn’t take me long to see that the teaching also helped me find my true self… over and over again.
Then my book Activate Joy was birthed and I thought my purpose had changed and I would be going in a different direction. And here is where I stumbled into profound clarity around the phrase ‘finding my purpose’.
#1- This clarity is built on the knowing that I am an eternal being. And as such have chosen to live in a world of highs and lows, contrast that challenges every part of my being, and beauty so vital and awesome it brings me to tears.
#2- I have come to realize that the ‘reality’ we believe in is simply conditions we have created as landmarks to tell us where we are in relation to where we really want to be. Not an easy transition but with practice it finally comes through as building blocks for new understanding.
#3 – Finally I am beginning to believe and accept that I am a vibrational being first, and that anything I want I must come into alignment, without fear-based thoughts, so that I can experience simple happiness. In other words, how I ‘feel’ is my point of attraction for ‘what I want’. Most difficult of all because our training is to work hard and make something of our life, ‘no pain no gain’.
Now that I have these 3 tools in place even to a small degree, I can reflect on my Life’s Purpose; and this is the clarity of what I know today: 

  • There is a trajectory of thought that interests me. This trajectory of thought always springs from beliefs and ideas I need to ‘heal’ and rise above within myself. Do you ever notice the people who are drawn to you often reflect the very issues you have yourself? (big clue) 
  • The i generation we are living in today is offering us new thought patterns that lead to one conclusion: 

My Life’s Purpose Is To Enjoy life. To Be En-Joyed and have a really good time.
When following my JOY becomes the most powerful theme of my life, details emerge that follow my inspiration to live a happy life, to Re-Member Who I Am as I consistently follow my guidance.

Now contrary thoughts, opinions and ideas that have split us off from our true nature start to fall away. 
Enjoying Life Activates Joy, which inspires excitement and expectancy of more of the same. 
So let go of any need to claim a purpose born out of ‘what you should be doing’, and let yourself be inspired by what makes you feel good when you are doing it. Fulfilling your own purpose has to be about how it makes you feel and not the affect it has on others.
Much Love