Personal Breakthrough Sessions

AJB-sling-shot-LogoYou Know You Are Ready For A Breakthrough When You Feel “Stuck and Afraid to Move On”, “Unsure if You Are Doing the Right Thing”, and Really Really Ready To Make A Life Change that Will Catapult You Into the Emotional Freedom to Live Your Life Your Way.

[highlight1 variation=”yellow”]The Purpose of Personal Breakthrough Sessions is to: [/highlight1]

2. Establish a new blueprint of power in your life that will inspire the creative spirit within you to come forward.
3. Allow balance and harmony to prevail in any situation or circumstance.
4. Create consistency as you learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance.
5. Let Your Magnificence, Your True Self Shine Through.
6. Own Your Own Power so that You Can Have Your World Your Way!

To accomplish this result, breakthrough sessions are offered in three, six, and nine session increments.

If you are looking for lasting results and a total breakthrough to a new and higher vibrational frequency, please sign up below.  This is to set up an evaluation session between you and AlixSandra so we can together determine a perfect fit for you.

All of our sessions are strictly confidential and will be recorded For Your Use Only.  You will receive a journal and worksheets to help you hold your balance as you anchor and embody your new blueprint.

Please use the form below to schedule your Personal Breakthrough Sessions Evaluation with Dr. AlixSandra. Or call Dr. AlixSandra directly at 800.600.8283.

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