Mastering Your Light Body Mindset


Clarification of thought is primary in understanding the Light Body Mindset. Changing the blueprint of ages of less than positive thinking, bringing about less than positive results is our path to the life we truly want to be living.


All is well, as I look into my world I see only beauty and well being. Everything is as it should be and headed in the right direction. Creative genius surrounds me and I love to ride the wave of expanding thought. I love to interact with people and feel their life energy expressing. It is easy for me to realize my reality as it blends with ALL THAT IS expressing in a myriad of ways. I am exhilarated in unexpected ways, willing to follow a shining star just to see where it will lead. Light surrounds me and I am aware of the signs of Blessings That are showing me I am loved, I am appreciated, I am a joy to behold.

I look into a mirror and am enthralled by my Light. It flows and billows all around me. I am fascinated as my Light Body rises, it is like my wings are opening into flight. I feel lifted in ways I have never felt before.

Flying high, I can see clearly and All Is Well. I am aligned with other Light Bodies and we communicate on a wavelength that has a frequency of un-conditional love and JOY! Laughter erupts just because we have found one another. I am stronger in my resolve to hold this space for as long as I can, to live from JOY and allow happiness to be my garden of peace.


As you feel your mindset loving the vibration you just created within you, realize you are building momentum into a positive frame of reference. Statements like the ones above are how you get started, now it is up to you to empower the next levels of attunment with your own personal desires, like: “I can feel the power of joy in my life awakening my new desire for freedom and realize my worthiness. “I am a worthy deserving person and I have a right to my life, just the way I want it.” All good things flow to me. I stand on the shore and witness my incoming good from every direction. I see good in everything because I am aligned with unconditional goodness. My body mind and spirit reflect this goodness in all ways. I am so aligned it has become my expectation. I know there will always be challenges because that is what helps me know where I am. Challenges show me the Light against the shadows, and teach me Grace and Elegance. My choice is to always see the Blessing in everything.”


This Requires Dedication and Practice.

You have hit the reset button, now the rest is up to you. In the few minutes you have spent reading these words, you are fully in your Light Body and from where you are, you can never go back. You can only stall the inevitable, so let’s keep going. Know that thousands are finding their way into these frequencies, loving the feeling of it and choosing to stay. I know I Am… And you are too!

My Blessings, AlixSandra