Balance Within The Light

Our spiritual community, along with all of humanity, is being called to a higher vibrational resonance since the December 2012 celestial alignment has taken place.

Our spiritual community, along with all of humanity, is being called to a higher vibrational resonance since the December 2012 celestial alignment has taken place. The momentum will continue to expand and quicken, and you might be experiencing some wobble in maintaining your balance with the newest accelerations of Light Energy. Some of the symptoms you might recognize are dizziness, unexplained fevers, nausea, vertigo and one I have had to deal with is loss of thought; just boom, brain freeze. So before you think something is wrong and get caught up in that downward spiral, consider this:
To help gain your balance get quiet – connect with your source in meditation and gently repeat this equalizing mantra:
“Equal speed, Equal speed, Equal speed”
Pause and feel the two energies, you and The Light becoming one. This will begin the process of bringing you into balance with the new levels of light that are drawing you forward.Remember you and you alone create your own reality, so know that the vibration you send out will bring you exactly what you are asking for. Please take at least 10 minutes for this process. As you go through the rest of the steps you may need to repeat this again.
After that there are a few steps to master so that you can not only experience your transformational self, but also maintain your balance as the energies increase. 
First is – I Trust Myself, I Trust My Heart and I Trust My Universal Flow.
You must have Faith and Trust to simply follow your inspired thought and see where it leads. Sometimes it is not a desire you even know you have, but be aware that there is a greater force at work that KNOWS the trajectory of expansion taking place for all of us and we as Light Beings are devoted to this plan. You are on the right track when you feel propelled by JOY!
Secondly is – I embrace my perceived stumbling along the way.
In my experience this is the most masterful tool in my kit. Overwhelm, planning, disappointments, financial setbacks are all perceptions of the moment. Being able to maintain your balance is to recognize that each of these things present choices. To embrace the contrast in the moment is to respect yourself enough to stretch beyond the conditional feeling for the best feeling you can find. This is Empowered Freedom through Un-Conditional Self Love. 
There was a moment a few days ago when overwhelm engulfed me, swallowed me whole and was about to digest me. So using my daily practice of Basking, I freed myself and  picked myself up, got out of town and helped someone paint their house. When I returned home, everything was still waiting for me but my mood had shifted because my vibrational attitude changed. The atmosphere was different and my joyous flow returned.
Thirdly - I have set my intention to completely let go and let the universe sweep me up into the arms of happiness and Joy.
Painting those walls offered me the quiet serenity I needed to let go of the conditions, to stop thinking, feel relaxed and regroup. Staying connected to the Light requires an understanding of the Law of Attraction – Your thoughts, your stressed feelings, your anxiety only gains momentum swiftly bringing you exactly measure for measure what you don’t want. 
Getting What You Do Want: Take a break, head west, play music, go for a hike, admire and appreciate nature, then, through your own empowered freedom… only focus on what you want… My World My Way… let this vibrational atmosphere become sweet and savory as it gains velocity along the trajectory of your deepest desire. The only goal here is to feel good, to unconditionally feel expectant of happiness. Allow these feelings to well up until you just have to laugh. Now You Are There!
Oh… So Many Blessings to You!