Serving myself by recognizing me as the center of my universe. Now that statement can be taken many different ways. Can I Have My World My Way? If that is so how is it so?

Self-Esteem, Worthiness, Deservability are the Hallmarks of the Golden Age Of Joy. Embracing Differences With Enthusiasm and recognizing another’s right to live their life exactly the way they want to opens the gates of freedom for us.

I deserve to be happy, so how can I hold this consistently in my life?

I have been asked this question so many times I began to recognize it as a profound reflection of where we all want to be, myself included. As I began to de-construct the question, the first and most challenging  thought “I Deserve” brings up the question of worthiness.

Many years ago I developed a powerful healing technique called “The Goodness Process”. Here is how it goes: I place the idea of I DESERVE in one hand. The statement that activates the energies is: I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness and My Goodness Has Nothing o Do With My Actions Or The Actions Of Anyone Else… I Am A Worthy Deserving Person.

You say this a time or two and your other hand will reveal a voice that is definitely opposed. The fastest way to defuse the voice is to bless it, agree with it and praise it for doing its best to keep you from being hurt. Disengage the energy by lifting, expanding and giving it positive feedback. Something you have probably craved all your life.

I Deserve, I Am Worthy, I Can Have My World My Way and it has to come from me!

sun-birdsSo AlixSandra, How Do I do this And Make It Stick?! Practice Basking…

I love watching the birds fly overhead. They are heading for a new home. I so enjoy the precision of their form as I listen to their calls. I Love knowing they have an internal guidance system that is precise and clear. The fall skies wouldn’t be the same without them. When I walk into my backyard I smile as I watch the squirrels scurrying around stock-piling food for the winter days ahead. I am so looking forward to my Inner Focus as I feel my internal guidance system bringing me into alignment with my heart. I am beginning to feel the love within me guiding me, helping me focus on my life. I have gathered many blessings that have been stored within my beautiful heart now ready to shine forth. I Deserve My World My Way. I Deserve To Love and Be Loved. I Deserve Health and Wealth. I Am A Worthy Deserving Person and Joy Is My Guide Home. 

Mastering Your Joy Focus. Stepping up our Joy Focus, together we can create a new Avenue of Consciousness; it does not have to take centuries to live in The Golden Age Of Joy. With your help Joy will become a MOVEMENT that others will place value in, focus upon and teach. Inner Focus has been a Hallmark for revealing our True Spirituality, and we have it now. The pieces are coming together beautifully and my dedication gets stronger every day. I invite you to come with me. Tune in your intuitive self and ask for teachings on, The Golden Age Of Joy. My Blessings Always! 
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to Deserve and Have My World My Way so your momentum is going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Blessings and Have A Great Wednesday!
Offerings From AlixSandra

As my world expands I’m finding wonderous ways to serve you through:

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