Coming Out Of The Fog

Sometimes, when you want to get a new and clearer perspective on things, you have to move into a completely new environment, at least for a little while.

The alignment of 2012 was stellar and spectacular, and we were in a fog about how to fully use the energies that came forth that year. Being deeply involved all of my life, consciously working to understand these universal events, one thing I have clearly learned; they are part of a conscious continuum designed to clear a path for our expanding awareness. The next event could be the one that tips the scales for our Empowered Freedom, but we must find a way to align with joy first.

I wanted to come to Maine because of the stark contrast to my life in Las Vegas. And also because this place holds dear memories for me as I developed my skills as an artist; seeing the beauty in nature with a deep desire to feel its majesty. Nothing has changed except my perspective. My quest now is to Empower Freedom From The Fog of Unconscious Thinking. Even though I still love to paint, my desire has evolved into seeing more of  the beauty and power held within the human heart, and discovering the myriad of keys that unlock the JOY OF FREEDOM for each and everyone of us.

Becoming a deliberate creator requires attention to detail, looking for the positive in every situation while always voicing deep appreciation every step along the way. This is an experience of my own expansion I would like to share with you.

I spent four days at a beautiful spot on the Main Coast called The Ledges. The name itself became the jumping off point for me. The view is breathtaking and the sounds of the sea are like a symphony of nature that has always reminded me of the joy of being alive.

A stormy weather pattern was moving across the land and rolled in that evening with fog as thick as pea soup. As I sat on my balcony all I could hear was the distant sound of a fog horn. In the silence, it was like being held in a cathedral of sacred desire. Mist settled on my hair and face and I felt anointed by all that is. In that moment this story began and my determination to emerge from The Fog was heightened. It is important to note that that determination required nothing from me but to allow the events to unfold. After all, Mother Nature rules her world and it was my choice to live within the bounty of her expression.

The rain had not come yet and I was able to visit my beloved Monhegan Island. Lee, my late husband and I spent a week there many years ago as I painted canvas after canvas of the brilliant waters that surrounded the Island. I watched Jamie Wyeth as he painted his famous grave site scene, and met Zero Mostel in the village one evening. We ate lobsters right out of the sea and clams in their delicious buttery broth. The ladies of the Island made blueberry everything and laid out a feast for anyone who cared to partake. The joy that I felt from those days in that space served as a base for my expanding consciousness to this day.

The rains came of course, but only at night while I slept. Each day I could explore little towns and villages that line the coast, talking to people who have lived here all their life, and tourists like myself. 

Yesterday I visited the Light House at Port Clyde. Of course the lighthouse had a story to tell and I listened carefully and understood the wisdom that was being imparted to me as each word was carefully spoken.

From The Lighthouse At Port Clyde

I am one of many sentinels who keep watch over the bay,
My task is simple, Keep You Safe along your way.
The light I shine is mighty and bright
The alarm I offer is just for your sight.
Brother Fog Horn alerts you with sound,
Together we know your easy path will be found.

So heed our warning lest you come too near the rocks,
And feel now our blessing as mysteries you unlock,
The fog is now lifting as consciousness is shifting,
and you see yourself as the gift you think you have been missing.

After a long drive and a warm bowl of chowder I came back to my room and fell fast asleep. I awoke to brilliant sunshine and the most beautiful rain bow just outside my window. I could almost reach out and touch it, but then I think I just did.

I hope you will join me for the further adventures of Empowered Freedom Part II, as I continue to clear the many pathways to MY WORLD MY WAY with grace and ease.

My Heartfelt Blessings, AlixSandra