Change Of Climate

Fall is such a great time isn’t it? The sunsets are more golden as the heat of summer wanes, and the crisp clean air tells the story of days to come.

How many of you really look forward to a change of climate? I bet I know the answer to that, we all do. I am taking that idea a step further into ‘Deliberate Climate Change”.
It was Grandparents day at my granddaughter’s school yesterday. Being a proud grandma I went to share time with my Haley. There was singing and dancing and wonderful talks given to let us know how important we are to our grandchildren. All of us who have this fortune know these joyous feelings deep within our hearts. I hadn’t seen Haley all summer. She was at the beach learning how to surf and even joined a lifeguard program. When she walked across the field to greet me I almost fell over. There in her school uniform it seemed she had grown several inches, my seventh grader growing up seemingly so fast. The climate, it is a changin’.
In that moment I was reminded of my grandsons who also attended this same school years before, and all of a sudden I missed them. I missed the years that passed by and foundmyself swirling in a place I did not want to be, “missing” important Now time with my precious granddaughter.
Because I have been practicing deliberate creation consistently, and using the term “climate change” to remind me to shift my thought pattern when it is not making me feel good… immediately, as I said ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ right out loud, I had an epiphany!   Take the word ‘missing’ completely out of my vocabulary. When I am in the ‘missing place’,  it robs me of what is happening in the moment. I was shown to replace ‘missing’ with ‘thinking about’. A softer term without resistance in it, and it worked in a split second. My spirits lifted and happiness spilled out all over us.
When we think it, or tell someone we miss them, we have taken ourselves out of the point of power that is right there in the present moment. There is an interesting feeling of sadness to the point we want others to feel it too. Maybe at one time I might have thought that was the way I should feel, but not today. So now I am training myself to use the idea ‘thinking about’…
Empowering Freedom is like this: small steps that will change your life. Small shifts that over time gain momentum to bring you what you really want for the rest of your life. 
The Deliberate Climate Change is momentous, fantastic and wondrous. Shifting your vocabulary to reflect what you really want! Try it. See how it works for you. The operative ‘feeling’ is the yummiest. 
Sunrise through the Bougainvillea in my back yard. 
Many Blessings