Inner Focus Heart Summit

September 19 – 22, 2019 Asheville, NC

Are You Ready For More?

Laurel Mamet and AlixSandra Parness bring their dynamic teaching styles together to offer you a powerful exploration into the secret dimensions of your Divine Heart. Prepare for new heights and greater depths to know the universe with new understanding and appreciation. Feel the spiral of your heart changing and shifting your experience… take note of the frequencies calling you to a new and higher summit.

As we live in greater acceptance of who we really are we ascend the sacred summit of equality, non-judgment and unconditional love.  Joining the legacy of the many who have nurtured the flowers of wisdom, balance and eternal connection, we live the reflection of All That Is. The beauty of Reflection is Self Blessing; it is the Secret to Our Unending Progress.

Heart Rock, Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Each of us has made a difference not only in our own lives but also in the lives of those we have interacted with BECAUSE, our heart has learned to release what is no longer needed so that expansion and growth can take place. The Fire of Passion, reignites, and illuminates our mastery calling us to come together. It is in the calling that power points emerge. Join us as we enter new  portals waiting for us with new frequencies from which to live.

Inner Focus Heart Summit is a Residential retreat in magnificent and magical Asheville, North Carolina. Lutheridge offers comfortable sleeping accommodations, great food and snacks and beautiful space for Nature walks, community gatherings and heart centered healing.

Lutheridge is close (5min) from the airport (see the beauty at

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You can also Call Laurel  (828) 684-4868 or    AlixSandra:  (702) 523-5242



There are those who will not be aware of the deeper energies that are moving within our planet, our solar system and the expanding universe – and their lives will change.

There are the curious who want to feel the changes, look for them, but can’t quite get there yet – and their lives will change.

There are the conscious people who have developed their intuitive natures and Know the changes are happening. they are the ones who are saying YES to life and making a difference with conscious awareness on this planet – and their lives will change.

The alignment taking place right now has nothing to do with belief systems or Mayan calendars. This alignment is on the leading edge of the oncoming wave of JOY.

A tsunami of gargantuan proportions aimed straight for the Heart of Humanity. Washing away the human need for pain and suffering and leaving in its wake creativity, ascension, openness, celebration, accepting of prosperity on every level, new partnerships with eternal friends, powerful successes in any realm we choose.

Let these words open possibilities in your consciousness, invite in the blessing field seeing the gift in every action and deed in our world. Get ready to receive JOY because it is here – and life as we know it will change.

My Blessings