Every newsletter I have written has been a cooperative venture between myself and the Ascended Masters. I know one thing for sure, that I of myself do not have the knowledge, in this physical form, to offer the insightful and powerful teachings that are being given. It is always an interactive collaboration.
Being a practical spiritual visionary as well as a teacher with a deep interest in practical wisdom, I attract those from the non-physical spiritual world who match my thought patterns. Usually these wisdom-keepers show up in groups of two or more. I am so used to this type of communication that over the years I have blended much of who I am physically with the brilliance of those great minds and expanded hearts.
But with a deep interest in any subject, blended with the interest of our spiritual counterparts, the teachings become illuminated with a clarity we can not only understand, but also master in our everyday life.
The Empowered Freedom series being offered is such a venture. I asked a question in meditation. “Please show me how to have more freedom from negative thinking.”
The Empowered Freedom Class was my answer.
Now the next step (the answer) occurs and works like this: 
Since this is truly my life’s work, there is a foundation of positive thought forms solidly built and expanded from the many who have inspired me over the years; Jesus, Moses, Babaji, Buddha, Bashar, Abraham and so many more. I used to hear them as individuals, and now I feel them as blended energies that impress me with the joy of adding their clarity to my awareness. It is this expanded awareness that brings each of these inspired letters to us, me included; and this is true for you as well. 
Take a moment here to reflect on your personal foundation of positive thinking, then feel those who have impressed you with greater clarity, for they are with you now. Appreciate the lasting effect you work has had on you and your world. 

How Your Light Body Is Formed Through 
Sacred Geometry:

tube torus graphicFor several years I have been seeking understanding of the essence of Sacred Geometry. It was a class in Chicago that began my process with the ‘Tube Torus’.
In geometry, a torus (pl. tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving acircle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not touch the circle, the surface has a ring shape and is called a ring torus or simply torus if the ring shape is implicit. Wikipedia
My imagination saw this form as a personal blueprint for US asTube Taurus daVinci_Purpleindividuals to more fully understand ourselves in relation to our universe. As the teachings continued, Leonardo DaVinci showed up in the center representing the blended human. That day was profound for me because that was the moment I Realized the power of not only what I was being shown, but more importantly the spiritual impact it would have on my world.
In its simplest form, your Light Body is your Aura.
In the early 90’s I was inspired by Lazaris, a non-physical teacher I followed for several years channeled by Jack Purcel. In a session I attended Lazaris said to us, “We Only Know You By Your Light” (we do not see your physical form).
That seed thought has developed within me over the decades into the understanding I am sharing with you now, because even though I am not in the recent physical vicinity of Lazaris, he is always with me and interested in how far I can take that seed idea… and I know it because I can feel him even in this moment.
During the second Empowered Freedom Class one evening, I felt completely surrounded by energies impressing me with a new way of understanding our Light Body and How It Is Formed, and even what it tells others about you.

Here is how it works:
in the beginning








As a minister I do love the bible, but I may see it with a little different perspective than most. To me there are great truths that help us understand who we are on some of the deepest levels. It is a spiritual guidebook that I use to validate the trajectory of thought I am engaged in. I become inspired when I realize that every thought I am working on is really an ancient truth spoken in many languages, and delivered in many different ways. Even today I can open this book and receive transmissions of enlightened thought from the Great Ones that have traveled this path before me.
To the point of this letter:
Genesis 1:1  ‘In The Beginning Was THE WORD’, and ‘God Said’…. 
Spoken words create the vibrational frequency for the reality you intend to create…
And God Said, ‘Let There Be LIGHT’
The Frequency of The Thoughts You Think and The Words You Speak Build Your Light Body. Your Light Body tells the story of ‘who you are’ or perhaps who you think you are and what you are about.
Since we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe, how is it that we are known?  Wherever we go our Light Body precedes us. First Impressions: we are felt first by Everyone! 
This is profound knowledge because if we can understand and embrace this awareness, it offers us a springboard of conviction to Master Our Thoughts; Master Our Reactions; Master Our Intentions through Un-conditional love.
Here was a question I posed to Jesus one day, “What is it to be a Christ” I asked, “How does one do it?” His answer was swift and clear,“Bless Everything and Condemn NOTHING”.
Imagine the vibrational frequency generated through that understanding. Imagine how far and wide His Light Body reaches, and then notice the impact of that light upon this world. Now, feel the impact this is having on you, right now in this moment for the reach is transmitted through the words.
We are learning, but don’t let that be an excuse. Every thought you think and the intention behind those thoughts impacts your Light Body, clarifies it and makes it stronger.
You are an effective force for good in the world through the Light you radiate from your being.
If you are interested you can see the tube yours in action, go to
Next Week: Building Your Light Body Through Communication and Invocation.