A.I.M. Begins July 17, 2013

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In our complicated world – consistently owning your power is challenging, Yet Owning Your Power is the Key to Everything.

Your intuitive self is always pointing you, BACK TO YOU.

Your solution is simple:  A.I.M. High!
Update and Replace Your Old Blueprint,
Get Reliable Contact With Your True Intuitive Power,
Take Charge by Activating Your World, Your Way.

When you have consistent contact with your Intuitive Self –
limitations you once thought were huge just fade away and disappear.

You feel better, your self-confidence rises …

ALLOWING YOU TO SAY YES! to fulfilling your dreams effortlessly.

I’m offering you an exciting opportunity to join me for a personal activation experience that connects you to your true source of power, for a long and lasting transformation.



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adminDr. AlixSandra Parness, DD, is a dedicated healer who has spent the last 35 years refining her clairvoyant, channeling and teaching abilities. As a teacher of teachers, in her intensive workshops and healing school she has trained thousands of students over the years; many who today have their own expanding networks and now touch thousands more. She founded the AlixSandra Parness' Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing. Today she continues her life-long work through seminars and teleconferences, and at special classes held across the United States and Canada. She resides in Mesquite, Nevada, and can be reached at, or 'Contact Us' in the menu.View all posts by admin →

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